Definitive Guide On how To Choose And Use The Best Mortar And Pestle Set

What are mortar and pestle

A mortar is an arduous bowl or cup made from a variety of materials. But Your choice depends upon on use and from where you can get it. A pestle is a long, club-like tool which squishes and mashes things down inside the mortar. If you are from the United States, you will recognize the mortar and pestle as being the image of a specific pharmacy chain. The word “mortar” comes from the Latin word “mortarium,” which may be loosely translated as “place for pounding.”

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How to clean Alumina crucible | Ceramic crucible

How to clean Alumina crucible or Ceramic crucible

Chemical and alloy experimentation typically employs the utilization of crucibles in melting materials to alter their properties. Any person who has used a crucible is aware of that not only are they a useful a part of your laboratory gear, however, alumina crucible is overpriced as well.


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The definitive guide on how do autoclave work and the working principle

What do we mean by Autoclave?

In our daily life, you will be aware of many surgical instruments but we ever give much thought on how surgeons are able to use the same surgical tools from one person to the next person many times without passing any kind of germs infection while they do surgery? Or maybe how nail salons do use the same tool without passing any fungal infections from clients to clients. And we all think that those all tools can be clean with some cleaning instrument.

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Use of Mortar and Pestle

Technology in the present time has scraped most of the ancient tools. There still exists some ancient types of equipment which are unreplaceable. These types of equipment have unique features which have wide utility in different fields. One such kind of equipment which has set of paired tool, bowl cup-shaped structure with a rod is known as Mortar and Pestle.

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How to Clean Mortar and pestle

Mortar and pestle are one of the universal appliances used in the research laboratory.  Various scientific fields widely use Mortar and Pestle for their numerous application. Mortar & Pestle is a crushing & grinding tool. The Mortar is a deep bowl or cup which almost make of Grey agate, Granite, metal & hardwood.

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