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lab crucible usages

Lab Crucibles: Usages

Lab crucibles, graphite crucibles, ceramic crucibles and alumina crucibles are tools lab technicians use and depend on every day. While not always front-of-mind, the right lab crucibles are a “must have” for any lab operation. Available in all shapes and sizes they serve many purposes and are essential to lab testing, processes, and results. Well-designed high-utility lab crucibles maximise technicians’ ability to function effectively and efficiently.

Crucibles are cup- or bowl-shaped containers that can withstand very high temperatures used for heating, melting, and mixing substances and chemical compounds in high-temperature, corrosive, or pigmentation applications. Varied in height and capacity, lab crucibles are designed to process and mix all kinds of materials, fluids, and substances–including metal, glass, and pigment production–and made of materials that offer thermal-shock resistance, prolonged life, hardness, and refractory qualities. Mortars and pestles, boats, crucibles, cups, and dishes are just a few of the products offered and typically come with a correspondingly-sized crucible cover. Without quality crucibles lab research and processes can be compromised.

Our crucibles and covers are made from a variety of highly temperature-resistant materials, including:

  • Alumina – Made of aluminum oxide they are highly resistant to chemical attack, and is especially useful to chemists, metallurgists, and others involved in high-temperature work demanding contamination-free results, is highly refractory, and meant for use in reducing and oxidizing atmospheres, and has a maximum use temperature (without load) of 1750°C.
  • Quartz Glass – Useful for analytical applications that require sample ashing, they can withstand a continuous operating temperature of 1050°C.
  • Plastic – PTFE Crucibles are chemically inert and usable to 280ºC.

Types of Crucibles include:

  • High Form
  • Wide Form
  • Cylindrical
  • Conical


Labs regularly process diverse materials in lab crucibles specially designed for particular uses. You’ll find it all here. With the right shape, style, composition, and other features our lab crucibles are perfectly designed to meet your lab’s material processing and usage requirements. Featured accessories include covers.

Our varied lab crucibles each meet different laboratory requirements and serve different functions, depending on the application and sensitivity of materials processed. When selecting your lab crucibles it’s important to know the materials used, environmental-control, chemical-resistance, and access requirements and limitations, working conditions, vessel types, security needs, and toxicity or sterility concerns, etc.

  • To ensure accurate results, it’s important to use crucibles made from inert materials to prevent chemical incompatibility.
  • Cleaning crucibles is essential to maintaining a contaminant free work environment. Whether you are using porcelain, quartz, high-alumina, platinum or nickel, crucibles need to be properly cleaned and maintained to continue to serve you well in your applications.

Our lab crucibles are perfectly designed to meet your needs even in challenging applications. For questions about our crucibles or other products drop an email at or contact us at +91 86000 33151. 


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