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Lab Crucibles: Usages

Lab crucibles, graphite crucibles, ceramic crucibles and alumina crucibles are tools lab technicians use and depend on every day. While not always front-of-mind, the right lab crucibles are a “must have” for any lab operation. Available in all shapes and sizes they serve many purposes and are essential to lab testing, processes, and results. Well-designed […]

Alumina Crucible Care

Alumina Crucible Care, Use and Instructions

At Ants Ceramics we expect to you get the very best out of every crucible we provide. However, a key factor to determine the performance and lifespan of a crucible is how the crucible is handled, operated and maintained at the customer’s end. So here we have created a Alumina Crucible Care Guide to take […]

How to clean alumina crucibles

[Updated Sept 2020] How to Clean Alumina Crucible | Blog

How to clean Alumina crucible or Ceramic crucible A crucible is a container in which metals or other substances may be melted or subjected to very high temperatures. Laboratory crucibles are designed to withstand relative high temperatures encountered in the metal casting experiments. Chemical and alloy experimentation typically employs the utilization of crucibles in melting […]