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[Updated Sept 2020] How to Clean Alumina Crucible | Blog

How to clean Alumina crucible or Ceramic crucible

A crucible is a container in which metals or other substances may be melted or subjected to very high temperatures. Laboratory crucibles are designed to withstand relative high temperatures encountered in the metal casting experiments. Chemical and alloy experimentation typically employs the utilization of crucibles in melting materials to alter their properties.

Any person who has used a crucible is aware of that not only are they a useful a part of your laboratory gear, however, alumina crucible is overpriced as well. After you are finished conducting your experiments one need to know how to clean crucibles effectively and without causing any damage to the crucible surface so that it can be easily reusable.

Cleaning chemicals from ceramic ware crucibles or alloy residue from platinum ones are comparatively simple. 

Lab Tips

Gently scrape the maximum amount of residue left from the materials utilized in your experiment from the crucible. Fill your porcelain or platinum crucible with fused potassium bicarbonate because this chemical is in a very solid type. You should have enough hydrogen carbonate within the crucible to fill past the line of the remaining material from your experiments. If you wish to fill the complete crucible, do so.

Place the crucible on a burner. Now, Heat the crucible until the fused bicarbonate melts. Heat it till a layer of red potassium salt seems on the surface. Using a mixture rod, stir the melt a few times. The entire melting procedure should take regarding one minute. Remove your crucible from the flame. Pour out the melt.

If your crucible is platinum, submerge it in a boiling glass bath of hydrochloric acid (a 200th combine to water) for 3 minutes. Rinse the crucible in hot water. In the case of porcelain crucibles, we need to use a clean cloth for drying the surface. If the crucible is of platinum, use alumina-impregnated nylon webbing to finish cleaning the surface. Let the crucible cool.

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