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80% and 99.5% Alumina for Tubes

Chemical Analysis

ConstituentsAlumina 80%Alumina 99.5%
Al2O3 Min8099.5
SiO2 Max180.2
Fe2O3 Max0.3
Na2O Max10.2

Physical Properties

ConstituentsAlumina 80%Alumina 99.5%
Sp.Gr. – gms/cc3.23.9
Water Absorption00
Max Service Term14501650
Gas PermeabilityNilNil
Hardness R45N7283
Chemical ResistivityGoodExcellent
Flexural Strength N/mm2280365
Tensile Strength N/mm2260
CTE (RT-14000 C) x 10-6 /°C Max.8.3
The Values are obtained from standard bars & cubes, Data on other shapes shall differ, the data should not be taken as a specification but for general guidance only.