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Chemical Vapour deposition( CVD) Transfer of Technology to ANTS Group at IIT-BHU

The technology was transferred to the ANTS group (MSME 2018 National Award Winner) for commercialisation to the benefit of society and research at the Indian Institute of Technology-BHU, which has developed world-class technical processes. In this regard, on Monday, a Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) was signed in between the IITs and the ANTS group. Dr. Shantanu Das and his team developed the technology with collaborated help of the Department of Ceramic Engineering, Indian Institute of Technology and M/s ANTS Ceramic Prof. Ltd. It has been acquired by M / s ANTS Innovation Pvt. Ltd.,  Maharashtra. The meeting was organized for its commercial production. In this meeting, the director of the institute, Prof. PK Jain, Prof. R. Prakash, Dean (RD), Dr. SK Das Inventor, Prof. Vinay Kumar Singh, Head of the Department, Ceramic Department and Sabyasachi Roy and Tushar Gothi, Director, M / s ANTS Innovation Pvt. Ltd. was present. 

Regarding transferred technology, IIT Director Prof. PK Jain pointed out that technological advances are moving from three-dimensional (3D) products to two-dimensional (2D) products for various applications in electronics, optoelectronics, energy devices, catalysis, and medical technologies. Chemical vapor deposition is one of the better medical practices for the preparation of advanced materials such as graphene, molybdenum sulfide and other 2D transition metal dichalcogenide materials. The mobility and other properties of the electron are better than the 3D scale on the two-dimensional scale. The quality of existing materials in the market will improve manifold. The implementation of 2D materials is currently being evaluated in a wide range of materials from oil absorbent to electronic circuits. He said that 2D materials promise solutions to emerging technological challenges for the next generation of technologies. This includes Super Computing, ultra-fast processors, equipment, etc.

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