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Dielectric Ceramics

Commercialised Manufacturing of Dielectric Ceramics

ANTS has successfully commercialised manufacturing of Dielectric Ceramics of Dielectric constant 20.5+/-0.5.  ANTS is grateful to have the technology from VSSC-ISRO and with continuous support from them, we are been able to finally launch our product.

Dielectric ceramics with high permittivity and low dielectric loss(tanδ) have a number of applications in microwave devices like antennas, filters, oscillators, multiplexers etc. as substrates, dielectric resonators (DRs) etc. in Terrestrial as well as Space Communications systems ranging from UHF to mm-band frequencies. High permittivity helps miniaturization of such devices, by confining the electromagnetic waves near them. The specialised dielectric composition is unique having dielectric constant (relative permittivity) 20.5±0.5, dielectric loss (tanδ) ~ 8×105 and temperature coefficient of permittivity ~ 0± 20 at microwave frequencies. The DRs can give Quality factor of 12,000.

The Composition is known as DK-18. It has following Properties:

Bulk Density (g/cc)> 3.75
Open PorosityNil
Closed Porosity<2%
Resistivity (>10^10
Dielectric Constant20.5 +/-0.5
Quality Factor ([email protected])12000 @ 6.5 (nominal)
Loss Factor8.4 x 10-5 (nominal)

Presently ANTS is supplying

  1. 25 mm diameter component up to 10 mm thickness
  2. 34 mm x 34 mm block up to 10 mm thickness

Any Shape or Form as per design with metallization can be supplied. Please email at [email protected] for enquiries.

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