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Industry Visit of IIT Bombay Undergraduate Students

Last weekend we organised course on Conventional Processing and Shaping of Oxide Ceramics at our Ants Ceramics facilities in Vasai.

The course done under the flagship of CGIF project is intended to engage and inspire the next generation of materials scientists to pursue projects in ceramics and glass science. It is also intended to foster greater collaboration between industry and academia in the domain of ceramics and glass science.

Here are some photos from the event.



  1. Bijaykrishna chaudhuri

    I am very delighted hearing your program . This is definitely a important venture from your side. This type of industry institute training might encourage new development and start new industry -institute collaborative projects.I am not aware of the syllabubs of your project. Definitely inclusion of bio-ceramic and ceramic composite would be interesting .


    B K chaudhuri

    1. Thank You.

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