Alumina Substrate 96%


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Thin-film ceramic substrate uses Alumina for most applications Because of Its excellent heat resistance, high mechanical strength, abrasion resistance and small dielectric loss.  Even More, the surface of the alumina substrate 96% is quite smooth and low porosity.

Alumina substrate 96% is also suitable for thin film device and for thick film device application.

Ants provide alumina ceramic substrates for the following applications

  1. Thin film and thick film microelectronic.
  2. High power and high-frequency circuit.
  3. RF/microwave components and capacitor or resistor.

The technical specifications of Alumina substrates 96%

  1. The Appearance and colour of Alumina Substrate 96% are Dense and white.
  2. Alumina substrates Content 96% Al203.
  3. The Bulk Density is kg/m3.7 x 103.
  4. Water Absorption is 0%.
  5. Vickers Hardness is 13.7 GPa.
  6. Flexural Strength is 350 MPa.
  7. Young’s Modulus 320 GPa.
  8. The coefficient of Linear Thermal Expansion is 7.2 x 10-6/°C (40-400°C) and 7.9 x 10’rC (40-800’C).

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