Alumina Mortar and Pestle


Processing Time : 3 To 5 Business Days

For Backorders: 2 -3 weeks

Ships from Mumbai Warehouse
Country of Origin: India

Free worldwide shipping on all orders over US $1000


Alumina Mortar and Pestle  is one of the most wear resistant and corrosion resistant of its kind.

We manufacture in house Alumina Mortar and pestles. It is available in sizes up to 8 inch or higher.

No waiting to source natural stone as in case of Agate Mortal & Pestle. We manufacture at our facilities so delivery time is very fast compared to Agate Mortal and Pestle.

Agate being an Natural stone product are full of defects.  Alumina Mortar and Pestle is controlled and perfect as it is a  manufactured product.

Available sizes (Inner Diameters) are 50 mm , 63 mm, 75 mm, 88 mm,  100mm,  113 mm, 125mm, 138 mm, 150 mm, 163 mm, 175 mm , 187 mm, 200mm.

Use of Mortar and pestle is easily seen in fields such as Pharmacy, Chemistry, Food industry.

Generally, the use of mortar and pestle is to grind, mesh or crush various ingredients. One of the key application and use of mortar and pestle is to transform ingredients into fine powder and paste. Most importantly, this use of mortar and pestle is only possible due to the unique dimensions, material quality and texture of mortar and pestle.






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