Alumina Tubes 80%

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    Antslab offers Alumina Tubes with 80% Al2O3. Because high-temperature processes demand reliable components, our Alumina Tubes are most apt. Laboratory and industrial furnace applications up to 1400°C uses Alumina Tubes 80% and provide desired protection against the corrosive atmosphere. Likewise, it also protects the thermocouple sensors against mechanical damages.

    Following are the properties of Alumina Tubes

    1. The high temperature is resistant.
    2. Thermal shock resistant.
    3. Corrosion resistant.
    4. High thermal conductivity.

    Chemical Analysis of Alumina Tubes


    Constituents Alumina 80%
    Al2O3 Min 80
    SiO2 Max 18
    Fe2O3 Max 0.3
    Na2O Max 1

    Physical Properties Alumina Tubes


    Constituents Alumina 80%
    Colour White
    Sp.Gr. – gms/cc 3.2
    Water Absorption 0
    Max Service Term 1450
    Gas Permeability Nil
    Hardness R45N 72
    Chemical Resistivity Good
    Flexural Strength N/mm2 280
    Tensile Strength N/mm2
    CTE (RT-14000 C) x 10-6 /°C Max.

    Finally, the values are obtained from standard bars & cubes, Data on other shapes shall differ, the data should not be taken as a specification but for general guidance only. Furthermore, shop a wide variety of Alumina Tubes with 80% Al2O3 from antsLAB™. We offer both ends open type and One end closed type for application up to 1400C.


    DATASHEET (PDF – 173 KB) . BROCHURE (PDF – 16.5 MB)

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