Alumina Thermal Analysis Crucible – DSC Pans


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Alumina Thermal Analysis Crucible – DSC Pans – Alumina Ta Pans

Ants Ceramics offers Alumina Pan (Thermal Analysis crucible) for DSC, DTA, TGA Thermal Analyzers ranging from 15ul to 2.5mL. Because high-temperature processes demand reliable components, Alumina Pan finds it’s the best application. Alumina possesses high melting point with strong hardness and good chemical stability. Thus making it an appropriate material to withstand high temperature and chemical corrosion. Thermal analysis such as DTA and DSC uses Alumina pans widely.

antsLAB offers high-quality Thermal Analysis Pan (Crucible) for differential scanning calorimetry (DSC), Thermogravimetric analysis ( TGA) and Differential Thermal analysis ( DTA) application.

By precise grinding and machining, the weight of each component is being maintained within tolerance limits.

antsLAB also manufacture custom design thermal analysis and porous alumina micro crucibles depending on customised requirement.

We also supply thermal analysis crucible or pans in platinum and 99.8% alumina. Furthermore, we can also supply lid ( with a hole or without hole) for thermal analysis crucible. Lids can be without a step or with the step.

Crucibles will be impervious.

Density > 3.87 g/cc

Maximum Temperature of application: 1750 °C.







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