Alumina Double and Four Bore Tube 99.5%


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For Backorders: 2 -3 weeks

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Country of Origin: India

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Specification of Alumina Double and Four Bore Tube

  1. Made from a special grade of Alumina imported from ALCOA Germany.
  2. Labware is made by slip casting and pressure casting. The purity of sintered Alumina to be above 99.8%. Sintered Grain Size is between 2-4 microns.
  3. Tolerance: /- 1mm for all dimensions up to 50 mm. /- 2mm for all dimensions above 50 mm.
  4. Sintered Density: above 3.9 gm/cc, above 98% TD (3.96gm/cc)
  5. Thermal Shock Behaviour: Temperature change rate should not exceed 150 °C/Hr
  6. Maximum Temperature of use without load: 1750°C
  7. Tested for Ultra High Vacuum Compatibility.



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