Lid for Graphite Crucible

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Country of Origin: India

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    Lid for Graphite Crucible

    Features of Lid for Graphite Crucible

    Made from high-density fine grain graphite.
    Perfect for gold silver melting then casting or as a graphite crucible melting non-ferrous metals analysis.

    Graphite Indicator of Graphite Crucible

    The bulk density is more than or equal to 1.82 g/cm3.
    The Electric resistivity is more than or equal to 9 μ Ω m.
    The Bending strength is more than or equal to Mpa.
    The resist compression is more than or equal to 65 Mpa.
    Ash is more than or equal to 0.1 %.
    The particle is less than or equal to 43 um(0.043 mm).


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