Hydraulic Pellet Press

Manually operated Hydraulic Pellet Press , XRF pellet press for preparation of samples for XRF analysis or IR spectroscopy.

Compact , Simple operation via hand lever, Pressure up to 20 tons.

Delivery: 4-5 Weeks

Country of Origin: India

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This manually-operated Hydraulic Pellet Press, XRF Pellet Press is ideal for fast and easy preparation of both solid and highly permeable pellets of solid samples for X-ray fluorescence analysis or infrared spectroscopy.

The pressure force is variable up to max. 200 kN (20 tons) .

This manual laboratory press is ideal as an FTIR  Pellet Press, KBr Pellet  press and XRF Pellet press. Available in 20 ton load configurations.


Hydraulic Oil Capacity

1 Litre

Tank Top Plate

1 No

Hand Pump

1 No

Master Relief Valve

1 No

Pressure gauge 2 1/2” Dia

1 No

Oil Indicator Level

1 No

Air Breather

1 No

Nylon Bush

1 No

Safety Acrylic Sheet

4 No





Top Platen size

220 mm x 140 mm x 25 mm

Bottom Platen Size

350 mm x 280 mm  x 10 mm

Pillar Rod Size

35 mm x 120 mm Length (2 Nos.)

Cylinder Bore Size

100 mm

Piston Rod Size

60 mm

Stroke Length

25 mm

Hydraulic Cylinder Type

Single acting

Daylight Height

120 mm

Pillar to Pillar Distance

140 mm


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2 reviews for Hydraulic Pellet Press

  1. Dr. Arijit Sharma

    Seems durable and quality made. Perfect for lab use.

  2. Ireddy

    Need machine for personal use

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