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Imported Quartz Plate can be transparent or milky white. These Plates can withstand up to 1100 degree centigrade. It is most important to note that Quartz Plate can withstand very high thermal shock (1000 degree centigrade to room temperature).

The transparent Quartz Plate is obtained through different types of raw materials because that includes natural or synthetic quartz sand. These are highly resistant to thermal shock due to the extremely low coefficient of thermal expansion because they have excellent electrical strength that offers stability under temperature variation.

Our range of Quartz Plate is developed in our company by using high purity fused quartz as raw material and fabricating with advanced ceramic technology.

Thermal Properties of Quartz Plate

Thermal Conductivity 1.38(W/m°K)
Coefficient Of tThermal Expansion(0~1000 °C) 0.55(10 -6/ °C)
Normal Operating Temperature (Continuous Usage) ~1050 °C
Normal Operating Temperature (Non Continuous Usage) ~1250 °C
Strain Point ~1075 °C
Annealing Point ~1180 °C
Hot Pressing Temperature ~1700 °C – 2100 °C
Devitrification Temperature  Starting at ~1000 ° C. high temperature accelerates Devitrification, especially with surface contaminants such as alkaline solution, salts and vapours.

Physical Properties of  Quartz Plate

Units of Measure Value
Density gm/cc (lb/ft3) 2.2
Porosity %(%) 0
Tensible Strength 106 Pa 48.3
Young’s Modulus 106 Pa 71.7
Hardness kg/mm2 600
Thermal Conductivity W/m°K 1.38
Coefficient of Thermal Expansion 10-6/°C 0.55
Specific Heat J/Kg°K 740
Dieletric Strength Ac-kv/mm (volts/mil)  30
Dieletric Constant @1MHz 3.82
Index of refraction @ 587.6nm 1.4585


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  1. Raghvendra Tewari

    Excellent quality.

  2. Sourav Sahoo

    The quality of the Silica glass is really good. Moreover, the prices are also affordable for experiments.

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