Platinum Micro Crucible

Country of Origin: India

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Table for Platinum Micro Crucible

Approximate Weight in gm
Code Capacity (ml) Top Diameter (mm) Height (mm) Crucible Lid
PMCru1 1 12 13 2 0.5
PMCru3 3 17 19 4.5 1.5
PMCru5 5 20.5 22 5.5 1.75

Platinum Micro Crucibles from 1 ml to 5 ml. Shop online for a wide selection of antsLAB™ Crucible: Platinum Dish, Low form, High Form, Platinum Micro Crucible.  We Believe In High Quality, Good Customer Service And Support, New Innovation. We Are Well Known And Leading Traders in Platinum Crucibles Products.

Metal trade-in program: we can recycle your damaged platinum ware for credit against the purchase of new products.


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