Ants Prosys High Performance Muffle Furnace 1400°C

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Product Dimensions:

Hot Zone(mm):
Option1(mm): 150 x 150 x 200
Option2(mm): 200 X 200 X 300
Volume: 4.5 litres/12 litres
Over all Dimensions 1(mm):  540(W) x 785(H) x 610(D)
Over all Dimensions 2 (mm): 640(W) x 865(H) x 685(D)

Item Description:

Brand: Ants Prosys
Temperature: 1400°C
Heating Rate: 0-10 °C/min
Body Material: Mild Steel with Powder Coating
Heaters: Sic Grade
Configuration: Dual Body setup
Insulation: Non-Carcinogenic Fiber Insulation
Safety features: TC Break, Over Current and many more optional features
Controllers: PID 30 segments programmed with ramping, cooling, and dwelling steps
Delivery time: 6-8 weeks
OEM: Ants Innovations Pvt Ltd
Origin Country: India
Warranty: 1 year

1 review for Ants Prosys High Performance Muffle Furnace 1400°C

  1. Nityananda Tripathy

    Very useful & quality Furnace.

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