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The importance of hand sanitizer at the workplace.

Simple actions can save so many lives! Indeed, it’s true. Placing automatic hand sanitizer at the workplace is need of the hour. Why? As we are well aware that the pandemic spreads so fast with the touch and office is a place where the employees everyday working makes them so much exposed to bacteria/germs. For instance; Employees use their hands during every given workday to write a paper, shake hands with a new customer or peers, open doors and much more. These actions definitely expose hands to harmful bacteria and germs. Illness is related to loss of productivity, which causes monetary loss to employers. Considering that 80 percent of all diseases are hand borne, this is why it’s smart to have hand sanitizer around at the workplace!


How Hand Sanitizer can benefit?

Now, you will be wondering that washing hands also kills germs/bacteria, then why a sanitizer is required.

So, When soap and warm water are not available there are several benefits of using hand sanitizer. You’ll not only minimize the chance of illness, but you’ll also transmit less germs to others and miss less working days.

If it comes to the power to hold sanitizers around the workplace, figures don’t lie!

  • Sanitizers based on alcohol will reduce the bacteria on your hands by about 97 per cent. 
  • Proper hand hygiene will minimize workplace absenteeism by up to 40 per cent. 
  • Employees who use sanitizer at least five times a day of work are nearly 67 percent less likely to become sick. 
  • Using the hand sanitizer for just 30 seconds kills much bacteria as two full minutes of washing.

A few drops of a sanitizer on hands can do a lot of good. Relatively fewer people will call in sick and a safer climate overall.


Will Hand Sanitizer protect you from getting sick?

Sanitizer can be insanely good for preventing a cold or the flu, if used correctly. The more you use more alcoholic base sanitizers, the less harmful bacteria will be on your hands.


Where you can keep Hand Sanitizers for efficient and effective use:

The easiest way to remind staff about using an automatic hand sanitizer is to make it easy to reach and always in sight. Placing hand sanitizer near and around high-touch surfaces and public areas is important including:


At the Entrance and Exits :

A single doorknob could theoretically be the cause of a widespread workplace disease. Hence,  the workplace’s door knobs, light switches and other high-touch surfaces should be routinely sanitized. Also, keeping hand sanitizing machines nearby to entrance and exits will minimize the spread of infection.


In the Canteens, Food Courts, break rooms :

Bare hands can attract germs and if the food is eaten with bacteria ridden hands the chances of getting infected increases. Hence, an automatic wall mounted hand sanitizer dispenser should be placed in these areas.


Inside the Meeting rooms :

Meeting rooms are frequently filled with staff, clients and other guests who exchange handshakes and share germs as a result. Through supplying an easy-to-access hand sanitizing machine to visitors and staff, either at the door or at the table, germs transmission can be minimised.


At the Employee desks :

Desks, phones, computer keyboards and computer mice are key points of transmission of germs since people contact them too much. Given that workers spend most of their day at their desks where they also eat , drink, and even cough and sneeze, desks become a “virus minefield”. The positioning at desks of individual hand sanitizers holds hand hygiene within control.


How you can pick the best Sanitizer for your workplace:

Make sure to use a hand sanitizer dependent on alcohol that contains at least 70 percent alcohol. Usually the higher percentage of alcohol will translate into greater efficacy.

Try using automatic wall mounted hand sanitizers or auto hand sanitiser dispenser as it does not involve physical touch and hence much safer than the usual manual hand sanitizer dispenser.


Promote hand hygiene at workplace 

A full system of hand hygiene goes further than having the right items. Although it is important to improve the health of the employees to have wall-mounted hand sanitizing dispensers and bottles on surfaces in and near germ hotspots, it is only helpful if the workers regularly use these.

Provide posters, leaflets, internal newsletters and information boards with reminders to clean hands near dispensers, and offer simple , easy hand hygiene details. Furthermore, employers can give educational sessions and meetings during the year to educate and inform workers of how best practices in hand hygiene will improve their health.

Also, throughout the cold and flu season, do not forget to stock up on hand hygiene refills. Eventually, encouraging employees to take a sick day when appropriate to keep the germs away from the workplace and other safe staff is crucial.



Basically, sanitizer is better for more than just battling the common cold. It can also be a perfect way to put your company to greater attention! Also, because of pesky germs and bacteria you don’t want to become sick at the office. A few sanitizer bottles will work wonders, leaving you clean , safe and ready for a weekend!

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