Single Layer Graphene

Dispersible Single layer Graphene with high surface area (Powder and Dispersion)

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    • Description

      Technical Data Sheet

      Single Layer Graphene

      CAS No.: 7782-42-5

      1. Preparation Method

      Powder: Thermal exfoliation reduction + Hydrogen reduction

      Dispersion: Mechanical stripping and dispersion Method

      2. Characterisations

      Single Layer Graphene Powder

      Flake Diameter (μm)


      Thickness (nm)


      BET surface area (m2/g):

      400 ~1000

      Electrical resistivity (Ω·cm):

      ≤ 0.30


      ~0.01 g/cm3

      Dispersible property:

      Can be re-dispersed in most solvents with the help of sonication


      Single Layer Graphene Dispersion

      Concentration (mg/ml)


      Flake Diameter (μm)


      Thickness (nm)


      DI Water (wt%)


      Dispersant (wt%)


      Notes: Please ultrasonicate the single layer graphene dispersion before use.

      Dispersible Single Layer Graphene is prepared by completely reducing graphene oxide‚ which is prepared by the modified Hummer’s method. The commonly used prepare method creates a denser graphene which is subject to aggregations. The resulting graphene agglomerates are not soluble or redispersable in water or other polar solvents‚ and this makes further processing difficult. Our Dispersible Graphene avoids this problem and can be redispersed in many solvents.

      SEM image

      TEM image -1

      TEM image-2


      3. Application Fields

      This product is a monolayer graphene-based oily battery slurry with high electrical conductivity made by ultrasonic dispersible Single Layer Graphene. It is metal ion free and can be widely applied in battery slurry as conductive agent to improve the high rate charge-discharge capacity.

      1)       Lithium ion and nickel-hydrogen battery – as high conductive components in battery slurry

      2)       Supercapacitors – conductive reagents of the supercapacitor electrodes

      3)       Catalyst

      4)       Lead acid cell, Solar energy, Solar Cell

      5)       Graphene semiconductor chips and semiconductor industry

      6)       Conductive graphene film

      7)       Graphene computer memory

      8)       Biomaterials

      9)       Transparent conductive coatings

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