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Silver conductive paste or Silver conductive paint is specifically formulated for use in Scanning electron microscopy (SEM) and other electron optical applications. A a result, find use in producing or repairing PCB track, to paint-on an electrical screen, or to make electrical connections to non-solderable surfaces. This conductive adhesive is simple to apply with a brush and is touch-dry in approximately 5 minutes and usable in 10 minutes.

Our silver conductive paste is formulated to meet the performance demands of many different applications. Low temperature curing ensures to offer an alternative solder material for temperature sensitive applications. 

Key Features

Volume resistivity 0.001 Ω cm when fully hardened Baking at 120C for 5 to 10 mins.  Also drying improves mechanical and electrical properties.

Easy to use and quick drying.

Note: Firstly Shake well before using and replace cap when not in use

Properties of Silver Conductive Paste

Form: Paste (micro-particles)

Volume Resistivity: 0.001 Ω-cm , when fully hardened

Curing Temperature – 120-150 °C/ 10-30 min

Viscosity: 4-5 Pa-s

Bottle Packaging: 10, 25 and 50 grams

Applicator type: Brush, Spatula

Other typical applications that require use of silver conductive paste include:

1) Use in scanning electron microscopy (SEM) and scanning probe microscopy (SPM) to ground specimens preventing electrostatic charges from developing on the surface.

2) Repair PCB tracks or manually draw a simple circuit.

3) Also, In RFI & EMI shield for plastic electronic equipment’s housings.

4) We use it to rebuild corroded ITO tracks.

5) To paint-on an electrical screen, or to make electrical connections on non-solderable surfaces.

6) Repair the heater in the rear windscreen in cars.

7) Also useful in sensors, antennas, biosensors, touch screens, touch switches, printed heaters and thin-film PV applications. 


Why ANTS: 

Our strong background in materials science enables us to formulate optimum blend between inorganic silver metal and organic binder solution to ensure best performance in terms of electrical conductivity and adhesion to various substrates including polyester, glass, and ceramics. Likewise with the capability of synthesising silver particles of various morphologies in house, we ensure silver purity (>99%) to be used in electronic applications and also we can rapidly tailor our formulations for specific customer requirements. 

We test our pastes to exacting standards ensuring rugged performance. We provide our materials to a global customer base, offering a flexible delivery service from low volume samples for research work to high volumes to meet our customer’s production needs.


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2 reviews for Silver Conductive Paste – Silver Conductive Adhesive Paint

  1. Ashish

    Bought to fix conductors on my circuit board. best quality, came in sealed bottles.

  2. Soumya Mishra

    Good product works perfectly.

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