Polishing pads – Standard products metallography

Polishing pads – Standard products metallography

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    Matching diamond type and size with your process requirements ensures first-class results.

    Diamond type selection

    Polycrystalline diamond is best suited for lapping and polishing of both extremely hard and soft materials. Thanks to its unique characteristics, maximum material removal rates and superior surface quality are achieved. Monocrystalline synthetic diamond is relatively inexpensive to produce and therefore widely used for grinding, lapping and polishing applications. Natural diamond is preferred for the production of electroplated diamond tools. Nanodiamond is a nano-material used in a variety of applications and research projects.




    Microdiamant not only offers polishing pads but as well high performance diamond slurries that work best with the corresponding pad. We gladly assist you in selecting the best suited combination of diamond slurry and polishing pad to achieve best process results.

    IRINO Highlights 
    Innovative composite polishing pad combines lapping and polishing principles – Surface finishes down to 1 nm Ra – Material removal rates similar to soft metal lapping plates – Provides excellent work piece geometry and flatness, without edge round-off – Dressable system, suitable for single-side and double-side machines – Best results if used with water soluble or oil based diamond slurries from Microdiamant
    Design and working principle
    IRINO polishing pads consist of a polymer matrix in which the finest metal powders are embedded. The polishing pad is being charged with diamond particles by the supply of diamond suspension. The embedded diamond grains facilitate the stock removal on the work piece. The continuous wear of the polishing pad over its service life prevents clogging of the pad. The patterned surface of the IRINO pad helps to improve the slurry flow and exchange, even for double sided machines.



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