Grinding – Resin and metal bond diamond grinding pads, abrasive paper

Grinding – Resin and metal bond diamond grinding pads, abrasive paper

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    Country of Origin: Germany

    Grinding with diamond grinding pads

    Diamond grinding pads
    In addition to the already well-known PLATO, APOLLO and CARAT diamond grinding pads that have been used successfully for sample machining in metallography for many years, Microdiamant has now expanded the range of grinding pads with the SQUADRO fine grinding pad. Microdiamant is thus setting new standards in the trend to fine grinding that is increasingly replacing polishing.
    With the range of grinding pads from Microdiamant it is possible to machine up to 80% of all sample materials and coatings. Thanks to the wide range of diamond grain sizes from 3 µm to 251 µm, all process steps from rough grinding to fine grinding can be covered. Afterwards, it is only necessary to perform one or at the most two polishing steps using diamond slurries and polishing pads.
    Advantages of diamond grinding pads
    – The tool lifetimes of the APOLLO and SQUADRO diamond grinding pads are approx. 500 to 1,000 times longer than those of SiC grinding papers.
    – APOLLO diamond grinding pads have a high removal rate and thus save a great amount of machining time.
    – SQUADRO diamond grinding pads achieve a surface quality that allows polishing to be performed immediately afterwards. A lapping process is no longer necessary.
    – Only water is needed for the cooling. For very demanding applications, SQUADRO can be used together with the lubricant LUB1 X20 to increase the material removal rate and surface quality.
    – Microdiamant diamond grinding pads have a unique structure and can be used immediately without sharpening.
    – The diamond grinding pads are self-sharpening thanks to the special resin bond.
    Grinding with grinding paper and foil
    Grinding paper
    In addition to the diamond grinding pads, Microdiamant also provides the complete range of conventional, high-quality wet grinding papers. These are available with various backings: standard for clamping ring systems, self-adhesive and with PET backing for silicone mounting discs such as our Fast Fix. The diameters 200, 230, 250, 300 and 350 mm, in the grain size range from P80 to P4000, are available from stock.
    Grinding foils
    Grinding foils are better if long tool life and high quality are required. These are available with two different backings: self-adhesive, and with PET backing for silicone mounting discs. The grinding foils are available from stock in the diameters 200, 250, 300 and 350 mm.
    Microdiamant provides grinding foils in 3 grain types:
    – Ceramic bonding with zirconium for the pre-grinding with a high material removal rate from P100 to P800
    – Silicon for fine grinding from 3 to 40 µm
    – Diamond for fine grinding of minerals and rock samples from 0.5 to 40 µm

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