Graphene Nanoplatelets (1-2nm)
Graphene Nanoplatelets (1-2nm)

Graphene Nanoplatelets (1-2nm)

Thickness: 1-2 nm

     Country of Origin: USA

    Technical Data Sheet

    With an average thickness of 1-2 nanometers, graphene nanoplatelets provide improved barrier properties that guarantee strength, security, and reliability. Their completely graphitic composition also means that they make tremendous thermal and electrical conductors. Inevitably, this makes graphene nanoplatelets a highly sought-after product that can be used in a variety of applications, including thermoset composites, natural rubber, strong adhesives, and much more. By reducing the component’s overall mass without diminishing its strong properties, graphene nanoplatelets are a cost-effective tool that can be used to enhance overall conductivity

    CAS No.: 7782-42-5

    Types of Graphene Nanoplatelets

    Product No. Product Name Thickness Diameter Size
    GNNP0051 Graphene Nanoplatelets (2-10nm thick) 2-10nm ~5µm 50g
    GNNP0052 500g
    GNNP01A5 Graphene Nanoplatelets (1-2nm thick) 1-2nm 5-10µm 500mg
    GNNP0201 Graphene Nanoplatelets (1-5nm thick) 1-5nm ~5µm 1g
    GNNP0205 5g
    GNNP0211 10g


    1. Preparation Method

    Interlayer catalytic cleavage method

    2. Characterizations

    Thickness ~2 nm
    Flake Diameter 5-10 μm
    Purity 98%
    Oxygen Content 1.44%
    Electrical Conductivity ~ 2597 s/cm


    Typical  SEM Image of Material Graphene Nanoplatelets (1-2nm)


    •  Use as a high performance additive for composites with PPO‚ POM ‚PPS‚ PC‚ ABS‚ PP‚ PE‚ PS‚ Nylon and rubbers.
    •  Can improve composites tensile strength‚ stiffness‚ corrosion resistance‚ abrasion resistance and anti-static electricity and lubricant properties.
    •  For all mechanical properties modifications‚ typical amounts are about 2-6wt%
    •  For conductivity modification‚ typical amounts are about 2-8wt%


    • Mix Graphene nanoplatelets with the target polymer using a double-roller‚ banburymixer‚ twin screw extruder or other mixer commonly used in the plastics industry. For better dispersion of the product powder in the target polymer matrix‚ some surface modifiers‚ such as silane coupling agent‚ titanate coupling agent or aluminate coupling agent‚ etc are recommended to use before mixing the powder with plastics resin.


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