Diamond slurries- Engineered and universal-use slurries

Diamond slurries- Engineered and universal-use slurries

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    Country of Origin: Germany

    Diamond slurries

    Ready-to-use diamond slurries from Microdiamant achieve constantly high material removal rates and best surface qualities. The costs for manufacturing and finishing can be reduced. The innovative slurry technology enables one to fully utilize the potential of the precision size ranged micron diamond powder. Performance-enhancing additives increase the removal rates. Stabilizers prevent the sedimentation of the diamond particles, thus increasing the process stability and simplifying the handling. Specially developed dispersion technologies prevent surface defects caused by diamond agglomerates.


    Diamond slurries with integrated lubricant

    Diamond slurries with integrated lubricants are easy to use and guarantee consistently good process results. The water-based, stabilized formulation is odorless and keeps the diamond particles stabilized in slurry over a long time. Due to the low viscosity, very high removal rates are achieved with low consumption.


    Diamond slurries for use with lubricant

    Diamond slurries for use with lubricants have a high concentration of diamonds. They are used with an appropriate lubricant so the polishing processes can be exactly matched to the particular requirements.


    Diamond spray

    Spray for metallography

    Microdiamant has developed highly concentrated polycrystalline diamond sprays for hand polishes or sample preparation without the use of a suspension dosing system. The diamond spray in pressurized spray cans with a volume of 200 ml is an universally usable product for polishing cloths as well as on lapping plates and discs.

    The excellent formulation of the spray and the high pressure of the spray can guarantee optimal diamond distribution. In grains of ¼ to 15 microns, a good stock removal is achieved with highgloss polish.

    The polycrystalline diamond sprays are available from stock


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