Diamond compounds – Water, oil and alcohol based diamond compounds

Diamond compounds – Water, oil and alcohol based diamond compounds

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    Best results are achieved if diamond compound type and size are carefully matched with your process requirements.

    Diamond type selection

    Polycrystalline diamond is best suited for lapping and polishing of both extremely hard and soft materials. Thanks to its unique characteristics, maximum material removal rates and superior surface quality are achieved. Monocrystalline synthetic diamond is relatively inexpensive to produce and therefore widely used for grinding, lapping and polishing applications. Nanocluster diamond is a nano-material used in a variety of optical applications and research projects.





    Diamond compounds are used in various applications. Microdiamant has an extensive know-how of the different uses and can assist you in selecting the best product for your application.

    Selecting the right diamond size

    The choice of the diamond size is determined by the surface quality requirements, or respectively, by the function of the surface coating. Precision graded diamond guarantee the highest performance and reproducibility levels.


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