Cutting- Diamond, CBN and bakelite-bonded cutting blades

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    Country of Origin: Germany

    • Description

      Bakelite-bonded cutting discs

      The sample preparation starts with the cutting. Depending on the composition and hardness of the sample, we recommend cutting discs with different bonding hardness. For ductile metals like titanium, we use cutting discs with a special geometry that enable free cutting.

      Diamond-, CBN- and bakelite-bonded cutting blades


      Diamond- or CBN-bonded cutting discs

      Diamond or CBN (cubic boron nitride) cutting discs are suitable for very hard and brittle materials due to the better quality and long tool life.


      Cooling lubricant for the cutting

      In order to achieve optimal cooling of the bakelite-bonded cutting discs and the best possible lubrication of the diamond / CBN cutting discs, we advise the use of cooling lubricants.


      Application recommendations

      The following points should be observed to obtain an optimal separation cut:

      • Clamp every cutting disc with a flange that has a diameter of at least 2/3 of the cutting disc.
      • For diamond / CBN cutting discs, check the openness of the bonding regularly and sharpen with a dressing stone if necessary.
      • For the use of the cooling lubricant, it is not the quantity but the correct pressure (minimum 2 bar) that is crucial for the best possible result.
      • Pay attention to continuous cooling during the cutting; no flying sparks or copious smoke formation must occur.
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