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Preparation Instructions - Metallography

Non-binding recommendations for sample preparation

Sample preparation 

The preparation of metallographic samples has the objective of providing the true structure for the qualitative and quantitative analysis. Increasingly fine layers of material are removed in a succession of work operations. Microdiamant has developed various preparation instructions, matched to the specific material used in each case, so that the results are reproducible and the structure is presented without artifacts. 

Systematic preparation 

The sample must meet the following requirements to achieve a significantform of preparation:

 – No deformation 

– No scratches 

– No chipping 

– No mixing with foreign elements

 – No relief formed 

– No edge rounding 

– No thermal influence

 In order to meet these requirements, in a systematic preparation procedure the individual preparation steps must be executed in the correct sequence and without preparation errors. In addition to clean, consistent working methods, it is important to check the polishing pressure, process time, direction and speed of rotation, and to precisely control the addition of diamond slurry and lubricant. 


Only high-quality consumables are suitable for these demanding objectives. Microdiamant represents maximum performance in matters of surface quality and removal rate. Specifically optimized to the particular application, Microdiamant products achieve first-class process results and cost-effectiveness.