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Guide For Buying Right Stirrer

Magnetic Stirrer: Guide For Buying Right Stirrer

Magnetic Stirrer

So you’ve decided you need to purchase a magnetic stirrer right. Now begins the task of searching for a unit best suited for the task at hand. So, Keep reading we will help you.

This common lab equipment item is used by a wide range of industry professionals in science and manufacturing. A simple Google search will yield a mind-boggling list of options from an overwhelming list of suppliers and manufacturers. So where do you start? How do you know which stirrer is the best for your application? This quick guide will help you get there.

Purchase Magnetic Stirrers with hot plate

Function and Features

First and foremost, you must know what is required of the unit. Before beginning your search for an adequate unit, make a list of the most common jobs the magnetic stirrer will be doing. What volume samples will you be stirring? Is it necessary to also heat the sample as it is being stirred? Then need to buy stirrer with a hot plate. What size vessels will you be using the most? Write it all down in a summary that you’ll use while shopping. A list may look something like this:

Sample range(rpm): 800(rpm)

Temperature range:  RT-250°C

Max stirring capacity: 2ltr

Hot-plate: required

Heating Capacity: 350 wattage

You need to consider the scale of your work. Traditional magnetic stirrers heat and stir a single sample at a time. However, there are units available today that can handle multiple vessels at once. If you are mixing in large volume, it might very well be worth it to consider acquiring a multi-position unit. Otherwise, single-position hotplate stirrer is good for you like M-2MLH stirrer.

At this point, you might also decide whether or not certain features will increase efficiency and if the additional cost is worth it. Will a digital readout make more sense than an analog control? Is a temperature sensor necessary to monitor consistent temperatures? Will you be logging data via a laptop or computer? All of these options are available from most manufacturers as an add-on or are integrated into the magnetic hotplate stirrer.

One more important thing is you need to think about Maintenance and warranty. If you plan on holding onto the same unit for a long period of time, you might want to search for one that has a strong warranty and a low cost-of-use. Warranties are pretty standard across the board but it is the cost of service and maintenance that is something you’ll want to consider once the warranty has run out.

Budget for choosing Magnetic Stirrer

Budget Cost is always a guiding factor when purchasing lab equipment. Typically speaking, the budget is one of the first considerations before making a buying decision. However, I would caution against that line of thinking. If you’ve already decided that it is necessary to purchase a magnetic stirrer, it should be more important that you get a unit that will do everything you need it to do regardless of price. For example, you might choose to purchase one model over another because it has a lower price. But will it perform the duties you need it to? If it doesn’t, was the money spent worth it regardless of what you saved? Purchasing anything only based on price rarely yields the satisfaction and efficiency that you would hope for.

Buy Your Magnetic Stirrer

Now that you’ve identified your needs and determined what you want to spend, it is time to start shopping. As I’ve suggested before, don’t just shop price; shop value. Look for additional incentives, price match guarantees, and warranty.  Antslab provides ongoing support well beyond the purchase. Make us your lab equipment dealer of choice and buy magnetic stirrer with hot plate.  

We hope we have are able to answer your question on how to buy magnetic stirrer which matches your uses with the help of this guide on buying Magnetic Stirrer. 


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